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Cimarron Strip is a lavish American Western television series starring Stuart Whitman as Marshal Jim Crown.

Three soldiers arrive to Cimarron City to join the nearby Cimarron Cavalry Post. One of the soldiers, Private Bill Mason, causes trouble and is jailed by Crown. The next day, Major Ben Covington picks Mason up, but is not aware that Mason is actually his son whom he abandoned after birth. Mason gets in a fight with an officer which gets him locked in the stockage. Covington learns Mason’s true identity, but Mason escapes the prison fort, and joins a gang of army deserters led by George Deeker. With his knowledge of explosives taught to him by the army Mason impresses Deeker, and the gang steal a safe from the Wells Fargo office in Hardesty, rob a freight office in Shade’s Wells and blow a hole in a mail train roof. Convington asks Crown to help search for him. The episode guest stars Andrew Duggan as Major Ben Covington and Jon Voight as Bill Mason.
Stuart Whitman – Marshal Jim Crown
Percy Herbert – MacGregor
Randy Boone – Francis
Jill Townsend – Dulcey


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