Urban Rnb Beat – (No Copyright) Groove and Smooth Background Music For Videos by Soul Prod

This track perfect suitable for commercials, TV, Radio, YouTube, Fashion Show, presentations or background music for advertising videos, action film trailers, sport games and also good for every day listening.


● If you need a license for your project, you can purchase it here: https://audiojungle.net/item/urban-rnb-beat/23754604

► More No Copyright Music:


►Photo By Andrea Cau on Unsplash


► Can I use this music in my videos?
● Sure! To use this music in your video or media project, you must first purchase a license from the link above.
● You can use my tracks in your videos for FREE, but without the ability to monetize them on YouTube. If you want to remove copyright or you want to include monetization of your videos and earn money, you need to purchase a license for each track that you use. If you received a copyright claim, it’s ok with your videos all right, your video will feel good, no one will delete it, it will not be imposed any restrictions other than monetization.

► Can I just give you credit in my Youtube videos, instead of buying a license?
● you can write in the messenger or by email: mailoffedak@gmail.com and we’ll discuss this

► Doesn’t royalty free music mean I can use it for free?
● ‘Royalty-free’ music is not the same as ‘free music’. Simply put, it means that royalties don’t have to be paid to the creator each and every time it’s used; but instead, a one-time fixed fee is paid, which is via a license purchase.

► What is royalty free Music?
● “Royalty free” means that you don`t have to pay any author royalties once you have purchased the license. One-time payment is enough, so you can use the track in your project forever without any additional payments. That’s why this type of license is so popular these days

► If you have any questions, you can write in the comments for this video or by email: mailoffedak@gmail.com


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