PLUTO | Ari Frenkel | Full Length Comedy Movie | English

Pluto can’t help himself. Adopting the roles of various people of different ages, statuses, and personalities, Paul “Pluto” Strauss spends his daily life interfering with the lives of strangers. Dealing with his father’s recent suicide, he uses his endless time and countless money to escape his unhappy reality in pursuit of something a little more entertaining. While he’s not harassing people he’s never met, he spends the rest of his time inconveniencing (and often embarrassing) those closest to him. It is not until Olivia, a girl from his past, reenters his life that Pluto must acknowledge the weight of his lies and the consequences they bring.
Ari Frenkel – Pluto
Elaine Bromka – Lydia Strauss
Justin Anthony Long – Simon
Dave Murgittroyd – Ben Bradshaw
Cristina Marie – Claire Strauss
Jon Barker – Dr. Greg Danzing
Shamira Levy – Olivia Whitfield
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